About BTF Guidelines

The implementation of TBI Guidelines produces improved efficiency and outcomes for professionals and patients beginning with the pre-hospital management phase and extending throughout long-term application of care. If all U.S. trauma centers adopted the Guidelines, the CDC projects a $3.8 billion savings in associated cost.

Impact of Guidelines

The Pre-hospital management of TBI produces:

  • correct identification of TBI
  • optimal treatment in the ambulance
  • direct transfer to a TBI trauma center

The application of In-hospital guidelines results in:

  • reduced the length time spent in ICU days along
  • reduced healthcare costs
  • decreased death and disability 30-50 percent
  • increases neurological outcome upon discharge by 30-50 percent


Marked Improvement in Adherence to TBI Guidelines in US Trauma Centers

Direct transport within an organized state trauma system reduces mortality in patients with severe traumatic brain injury.

Effect of Early Nutrition on Deaths from Severe Traumatic Brain Injury.

Response to intracranial hypertension treatment as a predictor of mortality in severe traumatic brain injury patients

Increased mortality in patients treated without ICP monitoring (currently being worked on)